5 Banned Bengali Movies you should definitely watch but alone.

http://newfarminstitute.org/shop/winter-feast/ So here at Newsiyappa we’ve made a list of top 5 *BANNED* bengali films, which you should definitely watch but alone!


You can call yourself a Bengali movie buff, but do you know that, there are at least 15 bengali films which are banned due to showcasing extreme nudity and explicit sexuality! Okay, so we’ve made a list of top 5 *BANNED* bengali films, which you should never ever watch with your parents!

http://dentland.hu/?oldal=14 1. Gandu:


It’s a movie on a rapper who is assumed to be an asshole for the society & he’s looking into the flaws of the system & sexuality in a mean time of his adulthood! Anubrata & Rii nailed it in front of the camera when it comes about sex scenes. Director Q was largely criticized for making such a film. But yes, it worth a watch!

http://fundacionporlajusticia.org/index.php/ca/node/32 2. Chatrak:

http://ncwiseman.com/2012/09/stop-looking-for-a-job/ The Hate story girl Paoli Dam was the protagonist here & this film came to the limelight due to an explicit oral sex scene between Paoli & the gandu guy Anubrata. That scene became viral as a MMS & of course the film was banned by censorship board.

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Phentermine Online Reviews Again it was Q into the scene. Here he showed the sexual needs of a human being, which can be controlled through practicing non-ejaculation method to get “MUKTI” from this life of errors & sufferings!

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An Indian actress, Doel Mitra, shoots to overnight infamy igniting the wrath of conservative Indian Society when a bold scene from one of her foreign films is leaked on the internet. When the public scandal happens Doel is shooting an Indian Film where she plays the mythological Hindu character Sita, ”Ramayana”. Sita, considered the epitome of chastity and purity is ironically now being represented by a woman branded as a ‘porn star’. Just like with Doel, Sita’s moral fiber too was questioned by a hypocritical Indian Society which denounces her as ‘fallen’ due the threat of her sexuality. A film by Mainak Bhaumick.

http://pressreleasenigeria.com/tag/global-herbal-oil-market-trend/ 5. Bibar:


A young man negotiates his erotic and thanatotic drives. The film is based upon a novel by Samaresh Basu & Directed by Subrata sen.

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