Air in Kolkata is more polluted than Delhi.

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Cheap Overnight Phentermine A study on Christmas in 2017 has found out that the air in Kolkata is more polluted and poisonous than the air in Delhi. The pollution level in Kolkata is higher than Delhi with particulate matter (PM) 2.5 rising upto 400 at midnight. To put this in bright and more haunting context, the average PM 2.5 level in Delhi on the same day was 206. PM 2.5 (less than 2.5 microns in size) and PM 10 (less that 10 microns) are the chief pollutants across India.

Another study by the British Deputy High Commission, UKAID and Kolkata Municipal Corporation that was released in 2016 had found that by emitting 14.8 million tons of Green House Gas (GHG), Kolkata was ranked fifth highest among the other major cities of India. It was also the second highest contributor in terms of per capita CO2 emission, producing 3.29 tonnes of CO2 per capita. The study also found that around 70% of the city’s 15 million inhabitants suffer from some form of respiratory problems caused by air pollution. It was also revealed that during winter, for the last 20 years, respiratory diseases have been increasing the most. The study specially mentioned that vector borne diseases like malaria and dengue as well as respiratory diseases would rise in the city due to the increasing pollution level. This proved to be true in 2017, with more than 50 casualties reported and more than thousands getting affected by Dengue.

Another research by Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute suggested that the residents of Kolkata is highly prone to cancer, high blood pressure and pulmonary diseases. People here are more vulnerable to cancer than anywhere in India.

With the studies indicating that Kolkata is on it’s way to become the most noxious place in India, there seems no tension whatsoever in the mind of administration. What is more shocking is the ignorance. With such an alarming rate of PM 2.5, Delhi normally reacts by shutting it’s school-colleges. The political parties hit the roads campaigning for safer and healthier air and TV channels would run debates all day long on this topic and more importantly everyone would wear a mask. But in Kolkata, people are still referring to the morning haze as “fog” and consider Delhi air the most polluted.

What has been more surprising is the fact that Kolkata has less greenery and open space than Delhi. Green space in Kolkata is 5% in comparison to Delhi’s 19%, whereas in terms of open space, Kolkata has only 1% of them to Delhi’s 15%. It means the people in Kolkata have lesser space to breathe fresh air, thus making the air pollution here more harmful and effective than Delhi.

The major sources of air pollution include automobile exhausts which is about 50%, industrial emissions that is almost 48% and the rest 2% from cooking. It should also be noted that one-third of the population of Kolkata lives in slums. This population is scattered over 5,500 registered and unregistered slums. Registered slums have access to basic services like water and toilets but the majority of the slums do not, which means people defecate in open air causing pollution.

So the early morning fog you see at the Maidan is most probably haze or layers of dust particles. With pollution level rocketing itself so higher, Kolkata needs to react the same way Delhi is doing or else in the near future the City of Joy would be under the blanket of haze leading to various respiratory problems and diseases.

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News Source- The Times of India,

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