BJP bike rally- On or Off?

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Phentermine Prescription Online On Thursday High Court Kolkata allowed the young BJP wing to organize a statewide rally with bikes. But suddenly today they cancelled the much anticipated bike rally after ” coming under the  Trinamool pressure”.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Canada They stated that their workers were ushered with stones and sticks as they started to organize for the the bike rally leg. Their offices in Binani Street and their state headquarters were the targets of this unsolicited attack. This leads to two things, either the agitated biker crowd come down to streets and start a heavy process of protests or they retaliate the attacks with a new strategy. Either case some sort of violence is to be seen in the given time of Ram Navami Rally. According to the sources, the BJP chief has declared a rally consisting of weapons is to be organised despite the police ban on weapon rally.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Tablets Online BJP biggies are very worried over the state’s condition as the Opposition is not given a chance to demonstrate their rights and are firing very sharp words for the ruling party. Mukul Roy even lended his voice stating ” There is no democracy in the state of Bengal which can hence be proved from the current state.

The rest is to seen in the given time of period where things lead.

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