Book fair dress ethics for Indians

Fashion has always been one of the most exclusive topics. Everywhere we travel, there are special dress codes for every occasion. A person’s sense of fashion decides his overall impression. For example, one cannot simply wear sandals with formal shirt pants, nor can one attend a formal dinner wearing ripped jeans and t shirt. recent studies show that people are not dressing appropriately at several occasions, book fair being one of them. Speaking of the recent Kolkata book fair, i bring you some of the dress codes to follow at book fairs. It is not absolutely necessary to follow them but a book lover would surely love to sync with the culture.

1. MEN- Men should try wearing something traditional. Wear a kurta payjama. Dont go for sherwani. A simple payjama and a light color kurta would do the trick. Wear a vest coat if you want to add extra layer to your clothing. Keep the color light. For example if you wear a green kurta and a white payjama, layer the clothing with a light brown waist coat(Nehru coat or Modi coat). Accessorize your outfit with a side bag where you can keep your book lists,pen paper and water bottle. History says all literary legends wore this outfit and that never goes out of style. It gives you the required ” ready to explore culture ” look. Speaking of shoes, wear nagra jootis or simple ethnic shoes. Never try to wear casual sandals.

2. WOMEN- Ladies, don’t expect me to advise saree for this occasion because it is not always comfortable, especially when one needs to stroll through the book stalls for hours. The most comfortable dress would be a salwar kameez or a churidar. If you want to dress up a bit more, wear kurti and leggings. You can wear a light wash jeans in place of leggings but never choose the distressed ones.Denim kurtas and jeans are on a rise now and ladies look super cool on them. Avoid a ghagra at all costs as it makes walking difficult sometimes. Speaking of shoes, dont wear heels if you are not comfortable. If you wear a jeans then go for coloured converse shoes. Wearing anything other than jeans would make a pair of ethnic shoes fit well.

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