Bosch to bring in new accident prevention sytem.

Buy Adipex Paypal Safety while riding a bike has been one of the biggest concern. But, companies tried their best to make a bike safe by adding features like ABS, traction control. Now, Bosch is gearing up to bring an entire new accident prevention system.

The German giants are trying to get a new system on board a motorcyle. The system is a thruster added to both side of the motorcyle. What it will do is, the moment a rider loses it’s control on a turn, the thruster will kick and will help the rider stay in control.

Picture by Autocar

Buy Phentermine Hcl Uk According to Bosch, the gas accumulators are same from those of an airbag used in passenger cars. Bosch is a pioneer when it comes to bring safety features.

Buy Phentermine Online Co Uk If this feature turns into a reality, accidents will be lessened and our roads will be a lot safe.

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Rohit Chatterjee

Rohit Chatterjee

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