How to get more likes on Facebook and Instagram?

No matter how you fuss about your friends taking selfies way to much, you secretly want to look good too. You want your pictures to look satisfying enough so that in given time, whenever you re-visit those memories, you just re-surprise yourself.

1. Keep it Simple-  The golden rule of photography.

This is the most basic one to use, like in a million year. A good simple photo is the best photo you can ever treasure. Make the background more exciting or dull than your photo, cos it adds a great contrast to your photo.

2. Think outside the box- take out the crazy you.

People don’t understand that taking a weird photo depicts a thousand words about the person who took the photo.It defines the way you think and process. Go for some artistic position, better yet go for something weird. Go for something that suits you and your personality.

3. Break the ice- Create a new format.

Now we jump into technical part. It is very important to use right tools to get the perfect picture. So don’t budge out on the essential parts, which are a good camera, steady hands and perfect background. Use these and you can have the perfect pic, neat huh. Use pop colors for portrait part and use dull background for scenic shoot.

4. Close it up. 

Use the close up shot or the Macro shot is nothing works. This hack has been working since ages and has never failed to impress anyone. Good close-up shots are always pleasing to look at and never fail to impress. It also decreases the chance of shaky shots.

5. Shadow of Mordor- Play it. 

Its seems that the color photos are cool to look at but what never ceases to amaze me is the amount of detail that can captures with Black and white shots. Shadows are the perfect presentation of color and monochrome design. Play with them.

6. Reflect the nature- Perfect picturesque.

The nature around is the reflection of our own state of mind. You are wacky, it can cater to your needs of tacky, and if you are calm, serenity is what you get. Use that reflective state to show your nature, with the natural scenic shots.

7. Symmetry- Maths to rescue. 

According to scientists, symmetrical figures create a specific and distinct memory space in our brain. This can be harnessed to make your instagram pics more approachable and distinct from the crowd. Look for weirdly symmetric places to strike a nerve with the followers.

8. Block the colour. 

This neat little trick is the oldest one in the books. Rather than showing colors in your pictures, block them out. No, i’m not talking about black and white, but denying the true color of object in focus. Use the light in such a way, that camera capture the shadow blocked part of focused object( keep the source of light behind the focus object).

9. Apps- Game on.

At the end of the day, you need some touch-ups on the great image you took. Chefs do that too. Use Snapseed, From Google. It is really awesome looking app, which actually lets you play with a hell lot of features which the pros do, but with a easy and user friendly interface . Change the color balance and the contrast and it starts to look really good.

10. Tell a story- Showcase. 

The motive of your Instagram feed is to tell a story or the reason behind that shot. Simple as that, just make sure it tells that. Narrate a story with just a simple Picture, neat-o.

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