RAPE IN INDIA- 10 Shocking Facts.

Rape is the 4th most common crime against women and, on average, a woman gets raped every 13 minutes in India. 

We could find hundreds of thousands of articles, poems, stories about how our women are being victimized and tormented. But then, when so much are written and said about, the questions here arise are, have we as a “society” been influenced and made any progress? With each passing day have we made our women feel any more safer? NO.

The reason could be that in case of crimes against women in India, never have we been presented a complete statistics and facts to help us understand the actual gravity of this mayhem. We, as a “society”, have never felt alarming enough to this huge threat that our women undergo every moment of their lives. Even when the crime rate against women is at all time high (it has risen over 900% in the last 40 years), we have not yet been disturbed as we should.

Image Source: Scroll.in.

These following statistics are to prove that our women have suffered long enough and it’s a time high enough for us to change the proceedings.

1. Daily 929 women in India get raped, assaulted, abducted or even killed.

A total of 3,38,954 crimes against women were registered in 2016, In most of the cases women were victims of ‘cruelty by husband or relatives’ (32.6% of cases), followed by ‘assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty’ (25%), ‘kidnapping and abduction of women (19%) and ‘rape’(11.5%).

2. 106 women are raped everyday in India.

A total of 38,947 rapes were registered in 2016 accounting for almost 106 rapes a day in India. Once again highlighting the continuing rise in crimes against women in the country despite a series of court rulings and toughening of laws to deal with the menace.

3. A women is raped every 13 minutes in India.

If a total of 38,947 women are being raped every year in India, it is not very difficult to calculate that a woman in India is raped every 13 minutes.

4. In 2015, 95 rapes a day. In 2013, 92 rapes a day.

However shocking it may seem, the rape count in India has only increased over the years. a total number of 34,651 rapes were reported in 2015. In 2013 the number was 33,707 and in 2012 it was 24,923.

5. In 95% of the cases, offenders were known to the rape victims.

Of 38,947 rape cases in 2016, in 36,859 (94.6%) of cases, offenders were known to the rape victims including neighbours, family members, relatives, husband/live-in partner, employer/co-worker etc.

6. 26 crimes against women were reported every hour.

According to a report by Scroll.in, as many as 2.24 million crimes against women were reported over the past decade: 26 crimes against women are reported every hour, or one complaint every two minutes.

7. Since the Nirbhaya incident, Delhi only has seen a rise of 277% rapes.

The number of rapes reported each year in Delhi has more than tripled since the infamous Nirbhaya incident happened, registering an increase of 277% from 572 in 2011 to 2,155 in 2016, according to a data released recently by the Delhi Police.

8. Child rape has increased by 82%.

NCRB data showed that the instances of child rape increased by 82% in 2016 compared to 2015. The report showed that 19,920 children were raped last year in comparison to 10,934 in 2015. Overall crimes against children saw the highest rise of 13.6% in 2016.

9. Six girl children are raped everyday.

Of 38,947 raped in 2016, 2,116 were girls in the age group of 0 to 12 years.

10. 1 in every 4 Indian men commits sexual violence.

In a recent survey it was reported that 25% of Indian men admitted to having committed some act of sexual violence against a girl.

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