West Bengal Panchayat: The Declining Plight Or The “Burning” Example of Democracy?

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http://dentland.hu/?cikk=10 Kolkata: The game changed in the year of 2011 when the power equation turned upside down. TMC came up with flying colors of victory. The violence since then, is the struggle to take control of rural West Bengal.

http://ncwiseman.com/2016/12/ http://ecoglo.com/?sitemap186_xml The Panchayat Raj which was once the subject of dignity and honor for rural people, gave power to them people including Schedule Castes, Minorities and Scheduled Tribes, who were neglected for longtime from mainstream politics. But the present situation of this Panchayat Raj in Bengal has been the subject of disillusionment for many.

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http://pressreleasenigeria.com/42/global-slot-machine-market-2017-2022/ One of the most controversial persona of West Bengal politics Siddhartha Sankar Roy(then Chief Minister) passed the Panchayet bill at State Assembly which could not be implemented at that time because of President’s rule. When the Left Front Government came into power the concept of decentralisation of power became reality in the name of Panchayet Raj. But this well-built system could not be kept safe handed from the evil-eyes of Politics.

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Buy Phentermine A 159 http://hertha-tt.de/anreise/ West Bengal has witnessed terror, spreaded by Trinamool Congress (TMC) in rural Bengal, which is a continuation of the one time established reign by CPI(M) over three decades. The panchayat system was destabilized to establish a real rural bureaucracy, run by party activists. The party even interfered in the personal life of the citizens. The party ruled every features of village life – even intruded in family affairs, arranged marriages, settled disputes and they also set up some tricky network through which the ‘loyal’ were rewarded with government resources.

Order Prescription Phentermine 37.5 Panchayat elections, during CPI(M)’s absolute dominance reproduced and expanded over the everyday life of rural Bengal. This was valid as long as the power of the Left Front government was working for the development of the poor people. The Government of West Bengal decided to liberalise the State by industrialising it from the year 2006. They invited huge corporate investments and opened up the rural lands along with adjoining townships to real estate industries. As the result of this operation rural poor people along with Backward castes and Minorities were alienated.

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Phentermine 50 Mg Buy Phentermine Hcl 37.5Mg Tablets In the year of 2009 Trinamool Congress came into play by gaining Congress’s support. The people who got isolated by CPI(M) alligned with TMC and fought against the ruling party. The game changed in the year of 2011 when the power equation turned upside down. TMC came up with flying colors of victory. The violence since then, is the struggle to take control of rural Bengal.

http://hertha-tt.de/news/index.php?shownews=602 Where Can I Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 Online We can distinct CPI(M) from TMC in many ways. One of the most important difference among them is that the former is shackled by moral political boundaries of the Left movement. In case of TMC, a newly formed party with no such established moral principles except one that is to pull down CPI(M) from the throne of power. As a result of this, the ignoramus, marginalized and improper mob associated with TMC started acting like hooligans as soon as they came to power. They started spreading terror among the people rather forcing them to vote for TMC. The local cadres of CPI(M) were force to leave the villages, many were killed, injured. Many houses and party offices were burned. People were beaten mercilessly. And these were done against the Opposition parties especially CPI(M). The whole social decorum was pulled down within few months. The Left supporters were totally helpless tried to take shelter under friendly village camps. The twist in the play came in the year of 2014 when the Left supporters including many party members tried to increase the crowd inside the ship of BJP. They thought the combined power maybe enough to pull down TMC’s autocracy. This is the key reason for the rise of the BJP in the state of West Bengal.

http://hurfordwholesale.co.nz/?option=com_content Now TMC doesn’t want BJP to take the whole control system of Panchayet structure in West Bengal. If BJP manages to take control of some villages, it will use the same methods to drain out the resources and establish their own moral conservative opinions for the political authority in the villages. These are the main reasons for which BJP and CPI(M) who doesn’t have any ideological similarly held each other’s hand secretly in booth level to combat TMC together. Though it is mystery as none of them agrees on this point but social media has elucidated many a times this unknown information. Their main aim is to fight, live, rule and recuperate.

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