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Order Phentermine Online Australia They arrive silently in the late hours of night at Sealdah station, execute their mission in a few hours & leave the city before dawn! “They” are a gang of thieves who don’t reside in Kolkata but keep their business going here, mainly around Girish Park & Armherst Street area! Around 6 months ago a huge change took place in the anti-theft forces department in laalbaazar & since then the success ratio was growing due to continuous police activities in Jadavpur, Regent Park, Survey Park areas where the cases of the theft were growing tremendously. But now the scenario is improved there. Police Commissioner Rajib Kumar praised the department in “Crime Conference” last month for this fabulous change in scene! But now with these Dons, again it’s a time for the department to think otherwise! This gang have used several ways to get inside the houses, they accessed from the roof or broke the grills & windows and took away mostly smartphones & laptops in the foggy winter mornings! Their working hours are between 3 & 4.30 in the dawn & basic targets were one storied houses. For now it’s been three long months of this unsolved case growing even faster.

A grave nightmare is haunting the sleeps of all the detectivs of Laalbaazar! The detectives with all their intelligence ad sources have yet not succeeded in finding out the actual identity of these thieves and are currently on the run to gather information. The thieves, interestingly, have chosen in and around the area of Amherst Street, Muchipara and Girish park as the police say that since last two months or so there have been many complaints regarding lost smartphones and laptops in these areas. The police, after begining the investigation according to these complaints, were left dumbstruck as they found no local criminals involved in these cases. Inspite of continuous investigation they are totally clueless about the faces behind these misdeeds! 

News Source- Ebela.

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