Things A must for Men Wardrobe in the Indian Winters.

Here comes the best part of the year which all Indians have been waiting for. Yes, you guessed wrong. Just kidding! Absolutely correct. Winters! This is the time when people may layer up their style game as they wish, without having to worry much about the weather. ( Unless it starts raining ! ). So, here we are bringing up the top 10 winter must haves for Indian men to rock their fashion game once again.

  1. Boots–                                                                                                            

Men prefer to start from the bottom (Pun intended, maybe!). The perfect way to rock any outfit comes with the perfect boots. People notice your shoes at first when you meet them. For winters, high ankle Chelsea boots, preferably tan colored or light brown, go well. Of course you cannot wear that to formal events. For formal events we recommend trying out the brown monk straps or simple black dress shoes.

Recommended brand: Hush puppies


  1. Denims/Chinos                    

A perfect pair of denims adds a great sense of comfort and well being to your style. Get dark wash denim and a medium wash denim and wear them accordingly. The medium washed denims can be wore when your upper wears are a bit dark with respect to the color of the denim. However, the dark washed denims can be combined with all sorts of outfits irrespective of the color. For formal events we recommend wearing a grey or a black chino in place of the denims.

Recommended brand(denim): Levis 512

Recommended brand(Chino):Allen Solly

  1. Sweaters                                            

Seal the deal with some amazing sweaters. You can go V neck and preferred colors would be black, brown, navy blue, charcoal grey. Do not try bright colors like yellow or too light colors like sky blue. Honestly sweaters should be such that they contrast with the color of your shirt. Dress it up with a light shirt, collars tucking out for that sharp look. For party wear, you can dress it down with a pair of jeans and Chelsea boots as mentioned earlier. For formal wear try it with a pair of light colored trousers or chinos. Monk straps or dress shoes would fit the occasion.

Recommended brand: Monte Carlo

  1. Jackets-                                                                                                            

Jackets are the go to outfit when the cold is not sustained by light weight sweaters. The amazing benefits of wearing jackets is that they can be used both for formal and casual occasions. Bomber jackets and leather jackets are eye catching outfits. For a night party at the bar or some anniversaries, even for a dinner date, nothing can be as great as compared to a leather jacket. Dress it up with a white or black v neck sweater depending on the jacket color. Buy black or brown colored one and keep it simple. Dress it down with light washed denims and cool sneakers. Bomber jackets can be worn on more casual occasions like a night out with your buddies.

Recommended brand: Jack and Jones

  1. Long coat/cardigan/suits- 

Speaking of official parties or everyday office wear, Long pea coat is an amazing way to look smart at your work place. Blazers or suits are worn with formal shirts and pants along with dress shoes. Long coat or a pea coat comes handy when the weather is chillier. Dress it with your formal outfits and you are set to rock. Cardigans are parallel to sweaters and either one of them can be selected according to weather and preference.

Recommended brand: Blackberry

  1. Scarf-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Nothing looks more fabulous that a well placed scarf along with the above combination of outfit. Scarves add to the weight of your dressing. It makes you look more confident to face the cold. It can be worn in a variety of ways along with pea coats, jackets or sweaters. Don’t try wearing it with a suit though. It can be knotted in a number of ways. The most basic knot being the simple two phased knot.

  1. Hoodies-                                                                                                                                                                           

If you are planning to wear a hoodie to a formal or semi formal occasion then better abort mission. Hoodies are for the casual outings like jogging or taking a walk by the roadside, or gathering for a roadside adda. It can also be worn to the gym if required. Bottom line, Hoodies are an instant solution to wear when you have no time to decide what to wear. Buy a simple colored hoodie that goes with your joggers and casual shoes.

  1. Skull caps

Gone are those days of typical monkey caps that we were forced to wear during primary school days. Skull caps have replaced all other forms of casual caps like binnea, which were on the rise few years ago. David beckham was shown wearing a skull cap and he totally rocked the outfit. It is a great fashion wear and also protective during winters.






Not really the mandatory winter essential, but layering all essential items without a nice leather belt and a watch is never on the run. Buy a nice pair of black or tan leather belt. Make sure to match your belt color with to the color of the shoe you are wearing. For watches, it is recommended to wear a chain watch while on formal dressing, and a strap watch while rocking more casual or semi formal outfits.

Recommended brand: Belt- Calvin Klein, Watch: Fastrack, Citizen

  1. Glasses/Shades

Last but not the least, wear a nice pair of shades or glasses to complete your overall style game. Glasses increase the gravity of your appearance. Mirror lens sunglasses have made a huge appearance this summer, bringing an 80’s coolness to modern styles. These rainbow-colored lenses shift in color at every angle, giving a unique allure, making it perfect for the cold weather game. While on evening occasions try out varieties of wayfarer frames of glasses according to your face shape.

Recommended brand: Ray Ban classic aviator, Velocity mirrored shades


Hence, it does not take much to remain stylish, at all ! Let us know what are your favorites for winter.


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