This is how you make a perfect kiss. by · Published · Updated Irrespective of typical “sanskari” mindset, Indian men are accused of not being able to kiss a woman properly. 9 out of 10 women will say that their boyfriends aren’t good kissers. Here we tell you how to make a perfect kiss. 

Inorder to nail a perfect kiss you should follow certain basics that will help you in the long run. Kissing is an art and you should do well at it. Buy Phentermine Online Uk Delivery Here are certain ways to master the art of kissing.

Phentermine Online Reviews ORAL HYGIENE– The foremost rule to make a great impact on the opposite partner is keeping your breath clean. Bad breath is a total turnoff and ruins your chances further. Always brush two times a day and floss regularly. Put on breath mints if you feel you are going to have a situation.

Phentermine Buy Phentermine Buy Phentermine 37.5Mg Tablets By Kvk Tech EYE CONTACT- Maintaining strong eye contact can do wonders to your sexual chemistry. But don’t become creepy in the process. Look the other person directly in the eye in a light yet passionate way. It brightens up the environment for the upcoming process. No eye contact can be sign of less confidence and turns off the other person.

HAND PLACEMENT- Don’t start grabbing private parts immediately like a pure douchbag. Initially start off with placing both your hands on her cheeks and underneath the ears. You might also consider placing one hand on her cheeks and other on her arms. Advance slowly by placing it on her waist and the small of her back when you draw her closer. ALTERNATE GLANCES- While looking in the eye start lowering your look on her lips and make an alternate cycle of glancing your gaze once on the lips another in the eyes. It creates the attraction required to heighten up the tension.

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Can You Buy Phentermine Online Legally KEEP IT SLOW- Don’t rush in for the kiss. Advance slowly yet steadily. The wait is all that is required to set the mood. You should act like you have got all the time in the world to complete that exercise.

Buy Qualitest Phentermine THE KISS- Place both your lips on her lips and gently brush through. Advance by placing your lips on her lower lip and lightly kissing it. Then proceed to the upper lip and do the same. Thereafter kiss both her lips together. Repeat this process for quite a while. Meanwhile she will also start doing the same once you proceed. You should try creating an interlock in between both your lips and hers while advancing.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Capsules DON’T USE TOUNGE- Usage of tongue is a strict no during the initial time period. Once she is comfortable you can start using a bit of tongue but do not jam it down her throat. Also refrain from using your teeth. Don’t start eating her mouth like you are having French fries. You should kiss like you have been assigned a valuable task. Take it slow, again.

Real Phentermine Online 2012 TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR LIPS- Rough lips are never considered good. Keep your lips moist and apply a lip balm to protect it.

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