Tyrion Lannister in Infinity War? What is he playing?

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In recently published reports across the globe, it has been confirmed that Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister is there in Avengers: Infinity War and he is possibly an accomplice of Thanos. 

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http://hertha-tt.de/pdf/BEMju07.htm IGN India was one of the first publishing house in India to confirm the name of Peter Dinklage in the Marvel’s magnum opus. They reported, “Though Dinklage is nowhere to be found in the new Infinity War trailer, his name can be spotted on the bottom of the poster right next to Idris Elba (Heimdall) and Benedict Wong (Wong). It’s currently not known who exactly Dinklage plays in the movie”. 


The keen eyes could have spotted his name in the midst all the superstars at the bottom of the poster. 

Image Source: Scoopwhoop.com

http://greengatefarms.net/sitemap-pt-page-2018-05.xml http://ncwiseman.com/tag/spiritual/ It was rumoured last year that Dinklage was up for a major role in the Infinity War. Since then, there’s been speculation as to who that character might be, and there are several options. Speculation was there that Dinklage had coloured his hair red last year, which led to people thinking tha he could be portraying Pip the Troll, who has been a key player in Marvel’s more cosmic stories. 

http://dentland.hu//?oldal=14 However a recent report by Scoopwhoop revealed that he might actually be an accomplice of Thanos’s Black Order. 

Image source: Scoopwhoop.com

Well, whoever our favorite Tyrion Lannister is playing in Infinity War, that’s for time to tell, but it has certainly taken the expectations of fans to another level for, arguably, one of the greatest cinematic extravaganza of our time.

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News Source: IGN India, Scoopwhoop.


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