When Shah Rukh Khan acted in a movie just for a wrist-watch!

The Badhshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, once acted in a film just for a wrist watch. In the 2002 released film Hey Ram, director Kamal Hasan admitted that he had no money left to pay Shah Rukh Khan so he gifted him a wrist watch as his payment. 

Kamal Haasan’s Hey Ram, which released in 2000, has been popularly pegged as one of Kamal’s finest films. While it was grossly misunderstood and controversial during its release, the film has slowly achieved a cult status.

Starring Kamal Haasan himself and Shah Rukh Khan, the film was the official Indian nominee for the Oscars though it didn’t make it to the final nominees. Now, Kamal Haasan has confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan has bagged the Hindi remake rights for the film.

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Kamal admitted that he had no money left to pay SRK after the completion of that film, He was paid with a wrist-watch as the remuneration & Kamal was glad to state that now, SRK is the brand ambassador of that wrist watch brand.

Apparently the whole thing was discussed in a seminar between them, during the India visit of Christopher Nolan.

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“I am glad that he got the Hindi rights of Hey Ram from Bharat bhai (co-producer Bharat Shah). He should have some memory of the film as he gave his friendship and service for it,” Kamal Hassan quoted. 

Image Source- India Today.

Shah Rukh Khan, though, has not yet officially announced anything.

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