Which CELEBRITY are you? Possibly the FOOLEST one.

You look quite preety, now you want to know if you have any Bollywood hero match? How would you look after 25 years? What is your description? Who is your best friend? 

Thousands of apps and games of different parties are there on Facebook on which cyber ​​experts say, “be careful”! These are all the ‘Third Party Apps’ which act as algorithmic data-collection software.

Buy Phentermine Paypal In the name of comparing you with some celebrities, the hackers can take over your mobile and computer, the servers will be able to steal all your data without you even knowing, including mobile, computer, Facebook profile, date of birth, browsing history and all your information. If you have important information like bank account on mobile, they will also get it. So think before clicking on them, the hackers’ pages spreading in the name of the app are not safe!

NASSCOM regional director Nirupam Chowdhury says, ”You do not know who is running these apps. But they have taken your permission when clicking them. You did not see their condition and agreed to click on the button. With that formula, the app is penetrating on your computer, mobile phone and running surveillance. Through your mobile’s camera, they grab the contact. It is not possible to get rid if the common people are not warned. So, please check out the rating review before downloading an app from the Play Store.”

http://humansfest.com/en/seccion-oficial-2017/ According to Sandeep Dasgunta, the Chairman of Nasscom Internet Security Cell and the Director of Indian Institute of Ethical Hacking, these are actually one of malware or harmful software. Facebook games we play but none is Facebook’s own app. These are the third party app and Facebook does not take responsibility for the security of this third party app. Regarding the dangers of such apps, he said that in the year 2014, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued four advertisements to the winners of malware. The minister’s statement was that Pakistan is using these apps for coherence which could become a tool for cyber crime.

Phentermine Ups Delivery Only According to Sushovan Mukhopadhyay, co-chairman of Nasscom Internet Security Cell, “Use an Android phone or computer, antivirus. On Facebook there are some apps like Test, Quizster, NameTest is very popular nowadays. If you use this app, the first thing is to delete them, change passwords. It is better not to download games. Keep the Internet connection off while playing. Because if you can spend just $ 25 now, then any app can be placed in Google Play Store.”

Buy Phentermine Uk Online Rajshahi Roy Choudhury, a cyber crime lawyer, says, “This is a kind of phishing attack. Special measures can not be taken against it legally. Because clicking on this app is allowed to use logging details to answer your question. So first of all people need to be aware of the common man.”

It’s an international issue now making people tensed about their virtual reality! As, we came to know about the massive data selling by facebook for the electorial campaigns in US, now #DeleteFacebook is going viral! You don’t really need to delete your facebook just be aware of your cyber rights, avoid malicious third party contents online. 

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News Source- Ei Samay.

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