Why you should have sex after smoking a JOINT!

Okay, we all know that cannabis is a banned herb in India, but do we really care about it?! We are fucked enough by society, workloads, depression and all sorts of problems. 

The only healing change that can take us away from this is, well, SEX. But did you know sex after smoking weed is more healing and enjoyable than sex without weed? Well yes, keep reading. 

Today, I’m going to discuss about 5 weedy tricks, applicable for stoners for staying longer in beds and make girls crave for you.

1. The half-n-hour trip :

If you guys are lucky enough to be “Joint_Partners” then smoke a JOINT together before half an hour of the game. Smoking herb makes your blood circulation faster in every inch of your body & provides utmost flavours of foreplay after Half an hour trip method. Marijuana makes you even more aroused & horny if taken in right quantity. If you girl doesn’t smoke, smoke it alone! NEVER CRY, YOUR HAVING THE RIGHT THING JUST AFTER THE SMOKE.

2. The Dark Horse :

Weed keeps you pretty much away from the ejaculations, as THC grabs the cerebellum portion of your brain & provides you the pleasure but never takes you close to the orgasm. You can try different positions like “CowGirl” to stay as longer as 20-22 minutes on your firey bed!

3. Where nipplegasm Works :

Yeah, if you both are high on herb it’s time for you people to get something more from the foreplay. Girls get tight on their breasts due to the fast respiratory rate of their “HIGHness”. Take an advantage, go to any extent to satisfy her desires, she’ll remember you there after! OF COURSE SHE’LL ENJOY IT!

4. Work out withTF :

Usually you never visit a gym & now you’re hitting it hard after a joint, well you get a good news here. Normally you lose 350KCal after a hard time on bed, but on weed you make it last longer which approximately costs another 60-75KCal to your body. Even it’s a larger lose of calorey than a morning walk. SHARE THIS FITNESS SECRET WITH GIRLS, BE A GOOD MAN!

5. The Pipe enlargement :

Smoking weed very frequently decreases your sperm counts, but in a recent study it is claimed to help you grow your penis if taken quantitively, & helps to reduce the chances of testicular cancer. As weed makes our blood vessels wider & faster to help the increasing inches.

So, you’re a hot stoner with 5 top weedy bed tricks now.

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Anubhav Sengupta

Anubhav Sengupta

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