Will India get the new PCX-150?

Buy Phentermine Sacramento India gets a new motorcycle and scooter almost everyday. Like motorcycles, new generation scooters are doing their magic So, will India get the new PCXPCS 150 from Honda? Moreover, what exactly is the PCX? Let’s find out!

PCX 150 is a scooter, you have never seen on the Indian roads and also, never heard of the features it boast in terms of being a scooter.

Picture by Autocar

The PCX boast of curved panels with powerful LED headlights matched with LED indicators. A fully digital LCD screen replaces the semi digital from the previous version.

The tyres are fat with 100/80 in the front and 120/70 in the rear. Braking is handled by 220mm disc in the front and 130mm drum in the rear.

Picture by Autocar

The storage capacity stands at 28 litre, enough to get you going for short tours. The PCX sounds promising and looks big enough but, will it come to India? It would be a no because the pricing is too much.

PCX has been launched in the U.S at whopping price of 2.36 lakhs for standard version and 2.55 lakh for the abs version.

Guess what? At that price, you could get yourself a Duke! 



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Rohit Chatterjee

Rohit Chatterjee

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